Bourns Acquires Kaschke Components

March 03, 2021 by Shannon Cuthrell

California electronic components firm Bourns has acquired all shares in Kaschke, a magnetic components manufacturer based in Germany.

California-based Bourns, a provider of automotive electronic components, recently announced that it has acquired German magnetic components manufacturer Kaschke. Through a new subsidiary, Bourns acquired all shares and interests in Kaschke Group, including its headquarters in Göttingen. 


Image courtesy of Kaschke Components.
Image courtesy of Kaschke Components.


Over its 66-year history, Kaschke has built an extensive lineup of magnetic components and ferrite cores fitting a range of applications, from automotive and e-Mobility to lighting to renewable energy to personal identification systems. 

For Bourns, the acquisition reflects a strategy to expand further into the inductive technology space while increasing its magnetic product lineup. 

Bourns Chairman and CEO Gordon Bourns stated in a press release, "As one of the few companies that has the capability to design and build ferrite core materials as well as manufacture complex inductive components, Kaschke will bring to Bourns the experience and creativity needed to solve customers' complex application challenges.”

Kaschke Components President Silke Baumgartner further added, “The combination of Kaschke and Bourns will enable the development of a full portfolio of products that will help our customers meet the challenging EMI filtering requirements of the next generation power supplies in the automotive, industrial and new energy markets.”

Bourns’ portfolio includes position and seed sensors, circuit protection systems, magnetic components, microelectronic modules, panel controls and resistive products. The company is a growing player in the electronics industry, targeting automotive, industrial, consumer electronics, communications, medical, mobile, lighting and audio markets. 

Its global sales, manufacturing and R&D presence includes the U.S., Mexico, Costa Rica, Germany, Hungary, the U.K., Ireland, Slovenia, Taiwan, China, Singapore and Japan. In addition to its headquarters in Riverside, California, the firm has five U.S.-based divisions focused on automotive, communications, consumer, industrial and ceramics segments. 

Bourns has completed several acquisitions over the last decade, including circuit protection components provider KEKO-Varicon, Transtek’s magnetic components portfolio, Murata Manufacturing Co.’s trimming potentiometer business, battery safety company Komatsulite Mfg. Co., and gas discharge tube manufacturer Jensen Devices AB

The terms of Bourns’ transaction with Kaschke were not disclosed.