Alternative Energy Thermoelectric Power Generator

December 07, 2014 by Power Pulse1595211359

Tellurex Corporation's tPOD1™ alternative energy power generator produces electricity directly from the heat generated from a common tea candle. The thermoelectric device is about the size of a soup can and weighs approximately 11 ounces. The first in a planned family of thermoelectric Power On Demand™ power generators, the tPOD1™ is designed for off-grid campers and backpackers that need a stable, consistent light and power source when adventuring in the great outdoors. The product will also serve as a critical home and business power generator emergency kit when natural disasters occur.

According to Rich Harmon, Program Manager, "the tPOD1â„¢ can produce approximately 5.1 volts open circuit." Harmon added, "The tPOD1â„¢ continuously powers on demand a bright LED lamp head for hours at a time and will charge a soon-to-be launched companion battery pack. The tPOD1â„¢ charged battery pack will, in turn, provide a charge to cell phones and smartphones that include the iPhone, Android phone and other smartphones available in the market today."

"Both the tPOD1 emergency kit and the larger tPOD5 power generator can provide power on demand in very short order when electrical power goes down", stated Craig Tremp, President and COO of Tellurex Corporation. Tremp added, "The tea-candle powered tPOD1 emergency kit does not use batteries, can be stored for years with a supply of tea candles and will always be ready to provide bright LED light on demand for hours and even days at a time."

With thetPOD1 emergency kit andtPOD5 power generator, households, businesses and emergency shelters can now be prepared to handle power outage emergency conditions without having to worry if the batteries in flashlights will work or if cell phones are adequately charged to make phone calls or send emergency text and GPS signals and messages.