Allegro Adds Innovative Package Option For Their Existing Current Sensor IC Portfolio

February 25, 2013 by Jeff Shepard

Allegro MicroSystems, Inc. has introduced an innovative new package offering for company’s current-sensor IC family of devices. Allegro’s smallest current-sensor linear IC, the ACS711, is now housed in a 0.75mm-thick, low-profile QFN package measuring 3 mm x 3 mm. This new micro-sized device is possibly the smallest fully-integrated linear current-sensor IC in the world. With only a 0.6 mΩ internal resistance, this package can really take the heat. With proper PCB design, the device can be used for applications with over 30A continuous current while reducing power consumption by an order of magnitude over existing sense-resistor op-amp solutions.

Factory programming provides for high accuracy in this IC with an integrated fast response fault output. Together these techniques deliver the smallest current sensing footprint available for your application without compromising accuracy. It is designed for low-side or high-side sensing applications up to 100 Vdc. High accuracy is achieved through factory end of line trimming. When combined with our ratiometry feature, this device offers superior accuracy compared to other shunt and op amp solutions on the market today.

Allegro’s new current-sensor IC is targeted at the industrial, white goods and automotive markets with end applications to include motor and pump control in white goods, short-circuit and overpower detection in audio applications, lighting and general power supply monitoring.

In lots of 1,000 pieces, the ACS711EEXLT-15AB-T, ACS711EEXLT-31AB-T, ACS711KEXLT-15AB-T, and the ACS711KEXLT-31AB-T are all priced at $0.43.