AER Gets Development Work under Army Pact

September 23, 2001 by Jeff Shepard

AER Energy Resources Inc. (Smyrna, GA) said that its support of Rayovac Corp.'s (Madison, WI) efforts to develop zinc-air batteries for use in US Army applications will result in revenues of about $500,000 over the next 17 months.

Rayovac recently received a zinc-air battery development contract from the Army Communications and Electronics Command (CECOM, Fort Monmouth, NJ). Under the terms of Rayovac's license agreement with AER Energy, Rayovac has subcontracted some work from the development program to AER Energy.

"CECOM is interested in power sources that can supply high operating currents and also provide reduced weight and extended operating times," said Dennis Bentz, vice president of product and process development at AER Energy.