ABB-Doosan Extend Fuel Cell Partnership Through 2016

March 09, 2015 by Jeff Shepard

ABB Group and Doosan Fuel Cell announced that the two companies have extended their partnership agreement through 2016. Switzerland-based ABB supplying specialized electrical modules that serve as the control system for the Doosan clean energy power plants. The ABB system harnesses and controls the power created in the Doosan fuel cell stacks and makes it usable for providing energy to commercial buildings such as universities, hospitals, telecommunications facilities, data centers and more.

“Our companies are highly compatible,” says Derek Monk, ABB general manager, Power Conversion. “We both believe the planet requires clean energy resources, and fuel cells are a dynamic component for building our energy future. Doosan is a fuel cell company with a legacy of practical, credible experience and our companies both have similar business philosophies and a technical heart. Together we are building a sustainable energy future that will benefit society.”

Doosan Fuel Cell, which opened its U.S. facility in July 2014 after acquiring 50-plus years of fuel cell technology assets developed by aerospace pioneer United Technologies Corp. (UTC), engineers and manufactures the PureCell® Model 400 System, which supplies 440 kilowatts of clean energy. With power resiliency as a core product feature, Doosan fuel cells have provided customers with continuous combined cooling, heat and power (CCHP) ranging from Hurricane Sandy in 2012 to the recent winter storms along the Eastern Seaboard.

“With assistance from ABB’s superior power and automation technologies, the PureCell System delivers low-cost fuel cells that generate electrical power quietly and without pollution,” says Doosan Fuel Cell President and CEO Jeff Chung. “More and more businesses around the globe are utilizing sustainable fuel cell energy, and Doosan intends to be at the heart of this expanding energy movement by providing secure, cost effective, clean energy.”

Doosan Fuel Cell is a subsidiary of Doosan Corporation, which operates in 38 countries, is the oldest company in South Korea and has publicly stated that fuel cells are now a pillar of their global growth strategy.

“ABB has been supplying electric modules for PureCell Systems since 2007 and we’ve worked with three different owners during that time,” says Monk. “After several recent meetings with Jeff Chung and his expert staff, we recognize that Doosan Fuel Cell is a well-grounded company, backed by one of the most successful corporations in Asia, and they have the right technology and dedication to take the fuel cell industry to the next level.”