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Zero-Voltage Switching (ZVS) PFC/LED Driver Controller

February 13, 2018 by Paul Shepard

Ricoh Electronic Devices Co., Ltd. has launched R1700 series, a zero-voltage switching (ZVS) PFC/LED driver controller with a variable output current/voltage. The R1700 is a multi-purpose power factor correction controller equipped with various functions and characteristics.

This device is capable of setting output voltage/current by inputting pwm signals, which make this device suitable to be used as a variable voltage PFC controller or a variable voltage LED driver controller with PFC.

The R1700 features edge resonant control of zero-voltage switching (ZVS) that helps to reduce switching loss and electromagnetic interference and realizes a PFC circuit. This device employs a synchronous rectification ZVS, which significantly improves efficiency in the device operation with the wide input/output voltage range.

The R1700 is designed for high switching frequency operation that allows the thinning/downsizing of the peripheral components and power supply systems.

Integration of this device and the R1580 series, constant-current LED driver controller, forms the two-stage linear dimmable LED driver which realizes flicker-free/low EMI operation. This two-stage architecture enables photographing of a clear image without being affected by LED flickers or noise issues.

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