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XP Power’s New DC-DC Converter Series Delivers up to 6kV at 5 Watts

May 24, 2021 by Gary Elinoff

With adjustable voltage outputs, the new DC-DC converters accept input voltages ranging from 22 to 30 VDC

The new HRC05 series from XP Power (XP) consists of 18 members, with nine converters offering positive output voltages and the other nine featuring negative voltages. The adjustable outputs range from 0 to 350 volts up to 0 to 6000 volts.

Image courtesy of XP
Image courtesy of XP


The HRC05 series are dependable, accurate, high voltage and low power solutions tailor made for critical analytical applications. The highly integrated devices contain everything needed within a tight package. They are complete solutions, ready for quick “drop in” integration into appropriate applications, with minimal costs in engineering time. The high level of internal integration also results in a lower overall BOM, requiring less board space and ultimately lowering overall costs and increasing reliability.


Important Features of the HRC05 series 

The units are PCB mounted and convection cooled. Line regulation, load regulation, and ripple performance are all less 0.01%. Over a period of 8 hours, output stability, too, is within 0.01%. 

Nominal voltage input is 24 VDC. Full load and no load currents are 350 an 85 mA, respectively. There is no minimum output load required. The converters all switch at 100 kHz.

Series members can be turned on and off remotely, an important safety consideration at high voltages. There are also built in protections for short circuits, overload and over-temperature. There is also arc protection.


Controlling the Output Voltage

Members of the series all offer a 5 volt reference voltage, which is measured between Pin 6 (VREF) and Pin 5 (signal ground), to which an external potentiometer is attached. This forms the basis of the mechanism that enables users to easily adjust the device’s output to anything between zero and maximum.

Controlling the DC-DC converter’s output voltage. Image courtesy of XP’s datasheet
Controlling the DC-DC converter’s output voltage. Image courtesy of XP’s datasheet


The wiper lead is connected to Pin 4 (VPGRM), and by adjusting VPGRM from 0 to 5 volts, the DC-DC converter’s output varies from 0 to 100%. The devices also provide dedicated voltage and current monitor output pins.  


Output Specifications

  • The series members’ transient response to overshoot is less than 5% for a 50% - 100% - 50% load change 
  • Setpoint accuracy at maximum VPGRM is ±1%
  • Output vs programmed linearity is 1.5%
  • Startup response (measured for ±4kV units) is 150 milliseconds
  • Temperature coefficient is 100ppm/°C (typical)
  • Stability over 8 hours is 100 ppm at 25℃



  • Mass Spectrometry
  • Scanning Electron Microscopy 
  • Electrophoresis
  • Medical diagnostic equipment 
  • Detectors
  • Electrostatic Chuck
  • High Voltage Bias
  • Capacitor charging


Physical Conditions

  • Members of the HRC05 series are housed in an internally grounded, 5-side metal case and in UL94V-0 rated encapsulation material with dimensions of 65 x 33 x 14 mm. 
  • Weight is 74 grams.
  • There is no performance derating over the HRC05 series temperature range of  -40 to +70°C.


Regulatory Safety and Environmental Considerations

  • IEC/UL/CSA/EN 62368-1
  • IEC/UL/CSA/EN 61010-1
  • UKCA marked
  • CE Marked
  • RoHS compliant