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AEC-Q100 Single-Input, Dual-Output Isolated Gate Driver with 4A Source and 6A Sink

June 18, 2019 by Scott McMahan

The UCC20225-Q1 from Texas Instruments (TI) is a single-input, dual-output isolated gate driver with 4A source and 6A sink peak current in 5mm x 5mm LGA-13 package. TI designed UCC20225-Q1 to drive power transistors up to 5MHz with what TI describes as best-in-class propagation delay and pulse-width distortion.

The input side is isolated from the two output drivers by a 2.5kVrms isolation barrier, with minimum 100V/ns common-mode transient immunity (CMTI).

Internal, functional isolation between the two output-side drivers allows working voltage up to 700Vdc. The device's dead time (DT) is programmable through a resistor on the DT pin. When it is set high, a disable pin shuts down both outputs simultaneously. It also allows regular operation when left open or grounded.

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VDD supply voltages up to 25V are accepted. A wide VCCI range from 3V to 18V makes the driver suitable for interfacing with both analog and digital controllers. All supply voltage pins feature under-voltage lock-out (UVLO) protection.

TI says that the UCC20225-Q1 enables high power density, high efficiency, and robustness in a variety of automotive applications.


  • Single pwm input, dual output
  • Resistor-programmable dead time
  • 4A peak source, 6A peak sink output
  • CMTI greater than 100V/ns
  • Switching parameters:
    • 19ns typical propagation delay
    • 5ns maximum delay matching
    • 6ns maximum pulse-width distortion
  • 3V to 18V input VCCI range
  • Rejects input transients shorter than 5ns
  • Fast disable for power sequencing
  • TTL and CMOS compatible inputs
  • 5mm x 5mm space-saving LGA-13 Package
  • Safety-related certifications:
    • 3535-VPK isolation per VDE V 0884-11:2017
    • 2500-VRMS isolation for 1 minute per UL 1577
    • CQC Certification per GB4943.1-2011
  • AEC Q100 qualified with:
    • Device temperature grade 1
    • Device HBM ESD classification level H2
    • Device CDM ESD classification level C6