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Silanna 33W and 65W Integrated Active Clamp Flyback Controllers in Production

January 15, 2020 by Paul Shepard

Silanna Semiconductor announced that its SZ1101 and SZ1105 fully integrated active clamp flyback (ACF) controllers for designing high-power-density ac-dc power adapters are now fully qualified and in production. The SZ1101 33W version is suited for designing mobile phone travel adapters, while the SZ1105 65W version is suited for designing compact adapters for powering notebooks, video game consoles, and multi-port wall chargers.

The SZ1101 and SZ1105 flyback pwm controllers are unique in that they combine four key ACF components: an advanced adaptive digital ACF controller and three ultra-high-voltage (UHV) components - an active clamp MOSFET, an active clamp FET driver, and a startup voltage regulator. This unprecedented level of integration facilitates designing efficient, high-power-density ac-dc power adapters with low bill-of-material (BOM) cost.

Released products and evaluation boards (EVBs) are now available showing industry leading efficiencies in an all-Silicon solution, while achieving more than 6dB margin for Electromagnetic Interference (EMI).

"Silanna is excited with the full production release of these parts and is looking forward to the adoption from the many customers currently in design," said Mark Drucker, CEO of Silanna Semiconductor. "Our customers are achieving extremely high power densities by overcoming the thermal challenges of packing increasing amounts of power into today's slim, compact power adapters."

Director of Marketing Ahsan Zaman explained, "Silanna's all-Silicon design combines the simplicity of traditional flyback controllers with the efficiency and power density enabled by ACF controllers. The SZ1101 and SZ1105 reduce BOM cost not only by integrating the ACF circuit but also by enabling designers to use a lower-cost transformer, SR FET, clamp capacitor, and input filter. Our proprietary OptiMode™ control maximizes performance on a cycle-by-cycle basis, giving the best performance under all operating conditions."

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Key Specifications:

  • Input: 90- to 265-Vac
  • Max Output Power: 33W (SZ1101), 65W (SZ1105)
  • Output Port: USB-PD 3.0 or PPS
  • Efficiency: > 94% full power efficiency with an all silicon design

Key Features:

  • Integrated ultra-high-voltage active clamp FET, driver, and startup voltage regulator
  • Tight switching frequency regulation for improved input EMI filter utilization
  • Cycle-by-cycle adaptive digital control (OptiMode™)
  • Capable of over 25W/in3 power density
  • Meets DoE and CoC efficiency and no-load standby power requirements

Availability and Pricing:

Hiccup (02) and latched (03) mode versions are available immediately for both the 33W SZ1101 and the 65W SZ1105, and all parts feature the industry-standard 16-pin SOIC package. 10K-piece pricing is $1.06 for the SZ1101, and $1.22 for the SZ1105. USB-PD EVBs are also available.