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Sensor-Less Control for Permanent Magnet Motors – Eval Board

January 20, 2020 by Paul Shepard

The EVAL-C101T-IM231 evaluation board from Infineon Technologies is an design evaluation platform for complete inverter-controlled motor drive applications based on iMOTIONTM2.0 chipset. As a form factor board for motor drive it contains Controller (IMC101T-T038) and inverter (with CIPOSTM Micro IPM). The evaluation platform can easily be debugged through the MCEDesigner and MCEWizard during customer first designing applications with IMC101T-T038.

This evaluation board is intended for use by designers of fridge compressors, small home appliances, pumps, and similar motor control systems.

This evaluation board is designed to give comprehensible solutions of sensor-less control of permanent magnet motors over the full speed range. It provides a single-phase ac-connector, rectifier, dc-link, controller (with sensor less field-oriented control), 3-phase output to motor. It is single shunt for current sensing and a voltage divider for dc-link voltage measurement.

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EVAL-C101T-IM231 evaluation board block diagram (click on image to enlarge)

The evaluation board characteristics are:

  • Flat design
  • All components are SMD and only placed on the top side
  • Complete evaluation board for running any permanent magnet motor via sensor-less sinusoidal control
  • Input voltage 160- to 265-Vac
  • Maximum 180W (with heatsink and FPWM=6kHZ) motor power output
  • On board EMI filter
  • Current sensing with single shunt
  • Flyback power supply with 15V, 3.3V
  • Over current protection
  • Sensing of dc-link voltage
  • Fault diagnostic output
  • PCB is 130×110mm and has two layers with 35μm copper each
  • RoHS complaint

Main features of Motion Control IC (IMC101T-T038) are:

  • MCE (Motion Control Engine) as ready-to-use solution for variable speed drives
  • Field oriented control (FOC) for permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM)
  • Space vector pwm with sinusoidal commutation and integrated protection features
  • Current sensing via single or leg shunt
  • Sensorless operation
  • Various serial communication interfaces (UART, I2C, SPI)
  • Multiple motor parameter support
  • 3V (default) or 5V VDD power supply
  • Flexible host interface options for speed commands: UART, I2C, SPI, PWM or analog signal
  • Support for IEC 60335 (‘Class B')
  • Scalable package options

Main features of CIPOSTM Micro IPM-IM231-L6S1B are:

  • 600V 3-phase inverter including gate drivers & bootstrap function
  • Temperature monitor
  • Accurate overcurrent shutdown (±5%)
  • Fault reporting and programmable fault clear
  • Advanced input filter with shoot-through protection
  • Optimized dv/dt for loss and EMI trade offs
  • Open-emitter for single and leg-shunt current sensing
  • 3V logic compatible
  • Isolation 2000VRMS, 1min