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PowerCell Launched Next-Generation Fuel Cell Stack

April 20, 2015 by Jeff Shepard

The Nordic fuel cell company PowerCell Sweden AB launched the next generation fuel cell stack, S2, during last week's Hannover Fair. PowerCell's fuel cell stack is designed to work in an auxiliary power unit (APU) environment on reformate gas as well as on a variety of systems running on pure hydrogen, for both automotive and stationary applications. It uses thin metal bipolar plates and state of the art membrane electrode assembly (MEA) to give a robust and high performance design prepared for serial production from the start.

The S2 platform will complement the first generation fuel cell stack, the S1 (1-5 kW), as it covers a larger power range up to 25 kW, still with the same tolerance towards CO and reformate gas. The S2 uses proton exchange membrane (PEM) technology and is the choice for automotive applications. PEM is the most common technology used today, owing to its reliable and dynamic characteristics that allows for full power output within seconds.

Another feature is the capability for extensive starts and stops. This feature means that battery buffers can be kept to a minimum. PowerCell S2 fuel cells stack platform is; efficient, unique, patented and designed for low-pressure drop. Of key importance is the facts that the S2 fuel cells possesses a high CO tolerance, which is a key factor to be able to run on reformate gas. This feature has been proven in extensive testing in laboratories as well as in connection with PowerCell reformers in its complete PowerPac.

“With this new-generation fuel cell stack, we now have the opportunity to approach other areas, and expand our market potential,” said Andreas Bodén, Marketing and Sales Manager of PowerCell Sweden. “After three years of development, we are pleased that we can present our second-generation fuel cell stack, S2, which met great interest during the fair in Hannover last week. The interest from the transport, telecom and other sectors is huge, given these industries' need to reduce operating expenses while at the same time find power solutions that are clean, sustainable and compliant with ever-stricter environmental legislation. We are now working on with the continued launch and look forward with confidence to the future of this product", Bodén concluded.