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Panamax Intros Towermax CO/4-110 Protection Module

June 13, 1999 by Jeff Shepard

Panamax (San Rafael, CA) announced their new Towermax CO/4-110 Protection Module that is designed to protect telephone equipment from power surges and spikes, including lightning. The new unit is designed to protect Telephone Key Systems and peripherals and attaches easily to the unique Towermax KSU AC base unit to provide single point grounding. The new module, when combined with the Towermax base unit, provides protection for up to four central office lines leading to or from the KSU. The CO/4-110 module allows installers to punch down incoming central office lines onto a 110 block built into the module. The Towermax line features a unique modular architecture to allow for the customized protection of various signal lines simply by adding appropriate modules. The suggested retail price is $99.