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Nexperia Debuts Nine Bipolar Junction Transistors in DPAK Packages

August 06, 2021 by Gary Elinoff

The new NPN and PNP bipolar junction transistors (BJT) can handle from 2 to 6 amps and operate at 45 to 100 volts.

The new members of Nexperia’s MJD series of BJTs are available in both automotive and industrial versions. The units are characterized by high thermal power dissipations and high efficiency due to limited heat generation. They also are capable of fast switching speeds, and low collector-emitter saturation voltages.

Image courtesy of Nexperia

Members of a Wide-Ranging family of BJTs

The new devices are pin-to-pin compatible with other members of Nexperia’s large MJD series of BJTs, with series members able to handle up to 8 amps and 100 volts. The DPAK packages employed by these semiconductors feature a high thermal power dissipation capability, with the transistors’ collectors connected to the packages’ mounting bases.

Pedram Zoroofchi, Product Manager at Nexperia comments: “Nexperia is known as a high volume, high-quality supplier for a broad customer base. By widening our MJD series of power bipolar transistors we provide designers with additional voltage-current options in a robust DPAK package. Therefore, our customers can benefit from the renowned quality and performance offered by Nexperia as a high-performance supplier.”



There are nine new transistors being introduced, with the “Q”  designation indicating that the unit is AEC-Q101 automotive qualified. They are:

2 amps, 45 volt NPN

  • MJD2873
  • MJD2873-Q

3 amps, 100 volts, NPN

  • MJD31CH-Q: 3 A 100 V. This device is designed as a high gain version

4 amps 45 volts, NPN

  • MJD148 
  • MJD148-Q 

6 amps, 100 volts, NPN

  • MJD41C 
  • MJD41C-Q 

-6 amps, 100 volts, PNP

  • MJD42C 
  • MJD42C-Q


Key Parameters

Nexperia provides easy access to all the datasheets from the MJD Series Page. There is little difference in other specifications between the industrial and the automotive (Q) versions.

All versions exhibit, in free air:

  • Thermal resistance from junction to the ambient of 79 K/W.
  • Thermal resistance from junction to mounting base of 9 K/W.

Power dissipation for all units, from junction to mounting base is 15 watts maximum at 25℃

Other Key Parameters include:



FT (min) 

Cut-Off Voltage Collector to Emitter and Collector to Base     

Collector to Emitter Saturation Voltage          

Base to Emitter Saturation Voltage


Min   Max        
MJD2873/-Q      120   360   


65 MHz

100 nA (max)

0.3V (max)

1.2V (max)



3 MHz

1 uA (max)

1.2V (max)

1.8V (max)


40   375

3 MHz

1 uA (max)

0.5V (max)

1.1V (max)



3 MHz

1 uA (max)

1.5V (max)

2V (max)



3 MHz

1 uA (max)

1.5V (max)

2V (max)



  • Power management
  • Relay replacement
  • Load switch
  • Motor drives
  • MOSFET drivers
  • Linear voltage regulators
  • LED automotive lighting
  • Constant current drive backlighting application 


Physical Considerations

  • These devices operate over a temperature range of -55 to +150℃. Maximum power derates linearly from 25℃ down to zero at 150℃
  • All members of this series are available in DPAK packages measuring 6.1 x 6.6 x 2.3 mm