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NESS Corp. Announces Introduction of 2.3V Ultracapacitor

May 13, 2001 by Jeff Shepard

NESS Corp. (Korea) announced the introduction of its 2.3V ultracapacitor technology for fuel-cell applications. The new 2,500F ultracapacitor exhibits energy densitites of 2.83 watt-hours per kilogram and 3.74 watt-hours per liter. It has peak power densities of 5.1kW/kg and 6.7kW/I, with more than 100,000 charge/discharge cycles.

“Fuel cells exhibit the potential for good energy output over long periods, but they are not very accomplished at delivering power bursts," stated NESS General Manager Dr. Kim. “Ultracapacitors can deliver the necessary power to relieve peak load requirements over the life span of the fuel cell, thus enabling a smaller fuel cell system."

NESS's new ultracapacitor is currently available. The required capacitance size and sales volume determines exact pricing. For a sales volume of 100 units, the price is $180 per unit for a capacitance of 2,500F.