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Maxim Debuts MAX1846/MAX1847 Controller ICs

October 08, 2001 by Jeff Shepard

Maxim Integrated Products (Sunnyvale, CA) introduced the MAX1846/MAX1847 high-efficiency PWM inverting power supply controller ICs, which eliminate isolated power supplies for the negative voltage rails in central office xDSL, telecom and networking equipment. Applications include industrial power supplies and automotive electronic power supplies.

The MAX1846/MAX1847 inverting controllers allow designers to implement compact, low-noise, negative-output dc/dc converters for telecom and networking applications. Both devices operate from +3V to +16.5V input and generate -2V to -200V output. To minimize switching noise, both devices feature a current-mode, constant-frequency PWM control scheme. The operating frequency can be set from 100kHz to 500kHz through a resistor.

The MAX1846 high-current output drivers are designed to drive a p-channel MOSFET and allow the converter to deliver up to 30W. The MAX1846 is available in an ultra-compact 10-pin package.

The MAX1847 can be configured to operate as an inverting flyback controller with an n-channel MOSFET and a transformer to deliver up to 70W. The MAX1847 is available in a 16-pin QSOP package.