New Industry Products

IXYS Intros ISOPLUS247 Plastic-Encapsulated Package

February 10, 1999 by Jeff Shepard

IXYS Corp. (Santa Clara, CA) recently introduced the ISOPLUS247 plastic encapsulated package in the "hole-less" TO-246 outline with an electrically isolated mounting tab. The new package design replaces the standard copper lead frame with Direct-Copper-Bonded alumina, to which any discrete semiconductors, from diodes to MOSFETs to thyristors, can be soldered. The package can be mounted directly onto a heatsink with no isolation interface material because the isolation voltage rating of mounting tab to the chip and its leads is 2500V(rms), according to IXYS. The first products to be introduced in the new package are HiPerFET MOSFETs, spanning the range from 70V/180A to 500V/55A types. IGBTs and rectifier diodes are planned.