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Infineon Intros 1st in Series of 2nd Generation HITFET Switches

August 15, 1999 by Jeff Shepard

Infineon Technologies Corp. (San Jose, CA) announced the first in a series of second generation HITFET intelligent low-side switches. Housed in SOT-223 and D-PAKs, the smallest packages currently available for power switches, the new devices offer a 35 percent reduction in die size. An Rds(on) claimed to be as much as 30 percent lower than standard intelligent smart switches enables Infineon to offer HITFET II switches with new highs in current density per unit area. The HITFET II intelligent power switches contain an SFET power transistor plus all the circuit elements for built-in protection. The chips are fully protected against overloads, short circuits, overvoltage, excess temperature and ESD for any pin combination for either polarity. A voltage slew rate limiting circuit (dv/dt limiting) is claimed to virtually eliminate EMI noise by keeping the switching speed within a desirable range. The switch family has a breakdown voltage range of 42V to 55V and an Rds(on) range of 25 to 200 milliohms. The devices are fully compatible with either standard or logic level drive signals, and are considered ideal for automotive or industrial loads such as lamps, solenoids and dc motors. In quantities of 10,000, prices for the HITFET II intelligent power devices start at $0.71 for the BSP75 (550mOhm), $0.82 for the BSP76 (200mOhm), $0.89 for the BSP77 (100mOhm) and $1.05 for the BSP78 (50mOhm), all in SOT-223 packages. The BTS118D (100mOhm) is $1.01, the BTS134D (50mOhm) is $1.21, and the BTS142D (28mOhm) is $1.73, all in D-PAKs.