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High-Voltage 3-Phase Integrated BLDC Motor Drive ICs for Consumer Devices

June 12, 2019 by Paul Shepard

Hitachi Power Semiconductor Device offers intelligent power devices and high-voltage analog switch ICs integrating high voltage output devices and control circuits on a single chip/single package using dielectric isolation technology. The company's recently-introduced VSP series of integrated 3-phase motor drive inverters includes an analog speed command signal input capability.

These high-voltage ICs are suitable for household apparatus fields such as home electric appliances and beauty appliances including driving BLDC motors in air conditioners, air purifiers, hair dryers, and so on.

The new series of integrated 3-phase motor driver ICs includes the ECN30110 rated for 250V with an output current of 1.0A and the ECN30210, rated for 600V and an output current of 0.7A. Both devices are offered in a choice of SOP26 or DIP26 packages.

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Features include inputs for Hall elements on each of the three phases, built-in charge pump diodes, built-in FG (Frequency Generator) circuits for monitoring motor speed, three pulses and one pulse per cycle, and various protection functions (current limit function, over-current protection function, Vcc low-voltage detection function,  over temperature protection function, motor lock protection function).

Summary of Features

  • Maximum Ratings:
    • ECN30110: 250Vdc/1.4A, suitable for the system from 100Vac to 120Vac
    • ECN30210: 600Vdc/1.5A, suitable for the system from 200Vac to 240Vac
  • Drives a motor using high-voltage PWM control and increases efficiency
  • Variable speed control by an analog speed command signal (VSP signal)
  • Six IGBTs, six FWDs (free-wheeling diodes), drivers for IGBTs, protection circuits, etc. integrated into a single chip, resulting in space reduction
  • Drives a motor using a high voltage dc power supply and a low voltage dc power supply (15V)
  • Lineup of three packages, DIP26, SOP26 and DIP26N ensuring insulation distance for high voltage pins

ECN30110/ECN30210 block diagram (click on image to enlarge)

Summary of Functions

  • Hall elements applicable (Hall amplifiers are embedded)
  • Power on/off sequence-free (condition: output pin current is less than 1A)
  • Charge pump circuit (built-in high voltage diodes for charge pump)
  • FG (Frequency Generator) signal outputs for motor rotational speed monitor (three pulses and one pulse)
  • All IGBT shutoff function
  • Current limit function (detects at 0.5V)
  • Over-current protection function (detects at 1.0V)
  • VCC low-voltage detection function
  • Over temperature protection function
  • Motor lock protection function
  • PWM circuit (enable 20kHz PWM operation)
  • Three-phase distributor circuit
  • VCC standby function