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High-Performance LED Drivers for Dynamic Automotive Lighting

November 05, 2019 by Paul Shepard

Texas Instruments has introduced new high-performance LED drivers to make scalable LED-based systems approachable to carmakers across the globe. From static headlights, to customizable dynamic features - swiping turn, animated daytime running lights (DRL) and adaptive driving beams - the TPS92520-Q1 and TPS92682-Q1 address the most common headlight design challenges. In addition, the new TPS929120-Q1 LED driver solves the most common rear light design challenges.

Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) as a light source are propagating cars across a variety of markets. For lighting designers, LEDs offer much greater flexibility and efficiency than halogen solutions.

In 2017, LED penetration in headlight systems was 20% globally. That's expected to grow to 51% by 2023. In rear lights, the move from fixed-form incandescent bulbs to LEDs gives car manufacturers the flexibility to evolve the size and shape of their systems. From front to rear, LED-based exterior lighting systems enable car manufacturers to incorporate value-adds like differentiated styling or dynamic features.

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The TPS92520-Q1 is the industry's first monolithic dual synchronous buck LED driver with SPI, offering best-in-class power density and up to 2.2MHz switching frequency. The TPS92520-Q1, with adaptive on-time average current mode control, is designed to be compatible with shunt FET dimming techniques and LED matrix manager-based dynamic beam headlamps. The high-performance LED driver can independently modulate LED current using both analog or pwm dimming techniques.

The TPS92682-Q1 is a dual-channel, peak current-mode controller with SPI communication interface. With programmable CC or CV output modes, designers can add one IC to their component library so that their LED drivers don't have to evolve with their roadmap.

By using an industrial-standard CAN physical layer, the UART-based FlexWire interface of the TPS929120-Q1 easily accomplishes long distance off-board communication without impacting EMC. The TPS929120-Q1 is a 12-channel, 40-V high-side LED driver that controls the 8-bit output current and 12-bit pwm duty cycles.

A configurable watchdog also automatically sets fail-safe states when the MCU connection is lost, and, with programmable EEPROM, TPS929120-Q1 can flexibly be set for different application scenarios.