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GaN-Based, Modular Smart Power Management IoT Solution

November 07, 2019 by Paul Shepard

UK-based startup, HEXCAL has announced the launch of Monolith, the world's first universal, smart electronics e-Butler, built to help today's connected consumer power and manage their digital devices. Unlike a standard power dock, Monolith leverages the latest gallium-nitride (GaN) technology and smart artificial intelligence management to not only efficiently charge devices, but manage device power based on each individual's usage trends.

Monolith offers precise multi-device power management and improves charging efficiency by over 50 percent, with the ability to power up to four devices at once. The interchangeable modules are compatible with over 300 devices, including laptops, smartphones, tablets, headphones, smartwatches, camera batteries and gaming controllers/consoles. There is a module set to suit each consumers' specific needs. Its unique design also delivers the world's first cordless charging experience to the market.

The product is being launched with a Kickstarter campaign. It's Hexcal's first entry into the IoT market, in what is expected to be a series of continued power management advancements and new smart capabilities.

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"After three years developing Monolith, the HEXCAL team is incredibly proud to launch our first product through a Kickstarter campaign," said HEXCAL CEO, Edward Lucas. "Technology devices are becoming an increasingly vital part of each individuals' work, personal and family lives, and we developed Monolith with their needs in mind. Forget the burden of managing each device's battery levels and worrying about whether devices will be ready when you need them - let Monolith take care of this for you and get back to living a productive, enjoyable life."

Monolith is smart

Monolith has a central ARM system programmed with AI algorithms that offer a customized, multi-device power management experience, prioritizing which devices are charged based on usage patterns. Over time, AI algorithms recognize usage and determine optimal ways to charge. By knowing which electronic devices are used the most, Monolith focuses on delivering a quality, fast and complete power management experience.

Monolith is versatile

Monolith's 11 unique modules are compatible with more than 300 types of electronic devices. The Monolith base set has three modules:

  • LIGHTNING DOCK for the iPhone series or Type-C smartphones
  • QI-ENABLED WIRELESS for smartphones, headphone pods, etc.
  • MODULE X with interchangeable Type-C, Lightning and Micro USB connectors (for example, laptops, tablets, electric toothbrushes or shavers)
  • FAST CHARGING capabilities for an iPhone (with lightning) can charge up to 18W and an Android phone (with Type-C) can charge at a maximum of 45W

In addition, Monolith comes with a power base that boosts the charging capabilities to 120W. This enhances the power management experience in heavy-use situations like at work.

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Monolith is portable

With its built-in power facilities, Monolith delivers a true all-in-one experience and the power management modern devices require in the size of a palm, conveniently and efficiently in a compact, light and sleek package. You can easily carry Monolith anywhere and everywhere, for example at home, the office, airport, hotel or a coffee shop, removing the hassle of tangled wires and limited power outlets and eliminating the burden of forgetting a specific cord. Monolith also offers consumers a button-less, portable battery for longer trips on the go. This battery simply clips on to the back of Monolith to maintain the sleek build.

Monolith is customizable

Through intuitive controls, consumers can set their power management priorities or optimize them based on daily plans, which can be controlled with or without the help of the Monolith app. Through the Monolith app, consumers can manage current devices and change power management modes depending on their individual needs, from business trips, travel, office meetings, or daily use - where device priorities might be different.

Monolith greets consumers when they come home and updates them frequently with the power state of devices, with a lighting and button-interface system that allows users to check and prioritize charging needs manually.

In 2020, Hexcal will explore two-way voice communication via the smart speaker, which opens the door to new portable smart IoT capabilities such as weather monitoring, device control and more. Through the intuitive, button-less smart speaker attachment, Hexcal will look to bring voice capabilities to the Monolith.