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FTCAP Announces GW Series of Electrolytic Capacitors for High Ripple Currents

September 10, 2019 by FTCAP

Capacitors with a threaded connection from FTCAP’s GW series are designed for optimal cooling.

Capacitors with a threaded connection from FTCAP’s GW series are designed for optimal cooling: A special stepped base in combination with a Sil-Pad ensures optimal thermal dissipation. The stepped base and use of a ring clamp allow virtually seamless mounting of the capacitors on a heat sink. The low-inductance GW series is therefore suitable for applications with high ripple currents in a broad temperature range from -40 to 105 °C.

These aluminum electrolytic capacitors with a threaded connection are insensitive to high ripple currents, such as those that occur in auxiliary power converters of urban rail cars or in welding inverters. As a side effect, however, the high currents also cause increased temperatures in the capacitors. Special winding constructions, therefore, ensure optimal heat dissipation at the capacitor base. In addition, FTCAP has optimized the GW series with optional base cooling by means of a Sil-Pad that dissipates the heat.

A special feature of the GW series is the patented stepped base: This design ensures that the base of the capacitor is flat despite the adjacent heat shrink tube. Air inclusions are therefore reduced, which would hinder dissipation of heat from the capacitor to the heat sink. Thermal resistance is substantially lower, for processing of high loads despite the compact design. In addition, the cup features an outer bead, which allows seamless mounting of the capacitor to a heat sink by means of a ring clamp manufactured in-house by FTCAP. A positive side effect is that the pad and the use of a ring clamp for mounting electrically insulate the capacitor from the heat sink. This provides a large leakage distance that prevents the flow of residual earth-fault currents.

GW series aluminum electrolytic capacitors are designed for high performance despite the compact size. Their optimized internal construction achieves a high CV (capacity-voltage) product. The advantage is minimal power loss as soon as an electrical load is applied. Since the special design not only saves space but also improves cooling performance, this also reduces costs to the user.



FTCAP has more than 70 years of experience in the development and production of capacitors used in diverse industries. The product spectrum includes both film and aluminium electrolytic capacitors. FTCAP is one of the few manufacturers who still produce all of their products in Germany – for quality reasons. Short distances between development and production ensure efficient processes and enable close coordination with our customers. In addition to standard capacitors in small and medium-sized quantities, FTCAP also offers special custom-made products for demanding applications: we work in close cooperation with the customer to implement complex custom solutions.