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C&D Technologies Debuts NTH Series Converters

October 17, 2002 by Jeff Shepard

C&D Technologies Inc. (Tucson, AZ) announced its new NTH Series of low-profile, 2W, 5.5mm (0.22in), dual-isolated output, dc/dc converters, which are suitable for rack-mounted industrial and telecommunications designs where height is restricted. The NTH devices also minimize board space with a small mounting footprint of just 3.16cm² (0.49in²).

The new surface-mount converters are available with input voltages of either 5V or 12V, and dual-isolated output options of 5V, 9V, 12V or 15V. Isolation between input and output is rated at 1kVdc. A wide operating temperature range allows the devices to deliver a full 2W performance between -40 to +85 degrees C without a heatsink. The NTH converters operate with efficiencies up to 84 percent and have a total power density of 1.54W/cm³ (25.67W/in³). Maximum internal power dissipation is specified at 550mW. Typical line regulation is one percent, while load regulation is five percent for the 5V output converters and three percent for all other devices.

Unit pricing for the NTH converters is under $7 in OEM quantities.