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Affordable 16-Bit Arbitrary Function Generators

November 09, 2019 by Paul Shepard

Rigol Technologies announced the new DG2000 Series of Arbitrary Function Generators expanding their portfolio of 16-bit generators to satisfy the requirements of more rugged and industrial applications.

The DG2000 delivers the same performance specifications and feature set as Rigol's popular DG900 Series Generators. There are three DG2000 models ranging from 50MHz to 100MHz making it suited for today's mainstream requirements.

In addition to 16-bit resolution the DG2000 includes all of the same advanced SiFi II capabilities as the DG900. Features like Dual Tone, Harmonics and Sequencing provide powerful generation capabilities useful for filter, noise, and RF testing. Simple communications traffic generation is enabled with Pseudo-Random Bit Streams and integrated RS232 Patterns, which makes testing control and communications links easier than ever before.

The design of the DG2000 features a ruggedized mechanical package and UI making it appropriate for manufacturing and automated industrial applications. Beyond its rugged mechanical design, the DG2000 includes network/LAN capability for instrument automation and control, as well as a hybrid user interface adding popular function buttons and controls to the front panel that work in harmony with the standard touch screen interface. Lastly, rack-mount kits are available for simple mounting into systems and automated environments.

"Rigol responds to the needs of our customers," says Michael Rizzo, General Manager of Rigol North America. "While customers love the performance and capabilities of our DG900, they have shared with us the need for those same capabilities in a more rugged industrial design. We are pleased to offer this solution to our customers."

The DG2000, DG900 and DG800 are all powered by Rigol's enhanced SiFi II technology. The SiFi point-to-point sampling technology insures high fidelity arb generation with easy setup and adjustment. This capability has been enhanced by adding additional interpolation, step, and smooth filtering which allow users to modify waveform characteristics in both the time domain and frequency domain in ways that can be challenging in other manufacturer's point-to-point sampling solutions.

"The combination of 16-bit resolution and the features enabled by our SiFi II technology gives engineers unmatched flexibility and signal fidelity when generating complex arbitrary signals," continues Michael Rizzo. "Now with a more rugged industrial design customers can choose the mechanical package that works best for their environment. When comparing the features, benefits and cost of the Rigol SiFi II portfolio customers will see the unprecedented value they deliver."

The DG2000 comes in three models DG2052 (50MHz), DG2072 (70MHz), and DG2102 (100MHz). They can be ordered now with lead times of about 4 weeks. Prices start at $599.