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10 Highlights From the EEPower/Bodo’s Alliance

December 26, 2023 by EEPower Editorial

From inductor circuits to SiC and GaN to Moore’s Law, check out these must-reads from EEPower’s exclusive partnership with Bodo’s Power Systems.

The exclusive digital partnership between EEPower and Bodo’s Power Systems has produced compelling content from industry experts like Alex Lidow, Peter Gramenz, and Ray Ridley over the years. This year was no different. One of our favorites highlighted using LTspice to determine why a perfectly stable switch-mode power supply still oscillates.


Bodo's 2023

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Enjoy these 2023 must-reads ranging from SiC and GaN to inductor circuits to Moore’s Law. We’ll keep them coming in 2024. 

  1. Pushing Module Power Density to the Limit

  2. Analyzing the Options: EV Fast Charging Bi-Directional Topologies

  3. Optimum GaN Gate Control for Greater Performance Gains

  4. Estimating Virtual Semiconductor Diode Temperature Using Dynamic Thermal Impedance Curves

  5. Realizing Power-Saving Analog-to-Digital Conversion for Highly Accurate Measurements

  6. Implementing Hybrid ANPC Inverters With Synchronous Rectification

  7. Why a Stable Switch-Mode Power Supply May Still Oscillate

  8. Power Packaging for GaN Generation of Power Conversion 

  9. Advanced Inductor Circuit Models: Finding the AC Resistance 

  10. Helping Power Solutions Keep Up With Moore’s Law