Zapworld.Com Intros ZAPPY Jr.

November 27, 2000 by Jeff Shepard

Zapworld.Com (ZAP, Sebastopol, CA) has developed a new toy electric scooter called ZAPPY Jr., modeled after its lucrative scooter for adults. ZAP first designed the folding electric scooter in 1997 and intended it as transportation. Many people, however, kids especially, were using it as recreation. With the recent popularity of push scooters, ZAP's designers were convinced that there would be a strong demand for a toy version of the ZAPPY.

ZAP claims that the ZAPPY Jr. is easier to ride than a skateboard and even works like a regular push scooter. It can be recharged from any normal household outlet and both batteries and 12V charger are included. It can carry up to 100 pounds and, when charged, runs for approximately 45 minutes to one hour. The ZAPPY Jr. can be recharged overnight, weighs 42 pounds and measures 41" x 11.5". It stands between 31" and 42" high.

“While the ZAPPY can be used by many different ages, we wanted a scooter that was slower and safer for kids ages six to nine," said ZAP Chief Engineer Scott Cronk. “With a top speed of 8 miles per hour, a hand brake and a molded plastic body, ZAPPY Jr. is specifically designed to be a toy for kids, not for adults. Like all scooters, parents should always supervise their children and make them wear a helmet."

The ZAPPY Jr. can be purchased online for about $425. In addition, Zapworld.Com is currently giving away free KICK! scooters, which are non-electric and worth approximately $90, to all buyers of the new ZAPPY Jr.