UTC Fuel Cells Joins Hydrogen Economy Project

May 02, 2004 by Jeff Shepard

UTC Fuel Cells (South Windsor, CT), a part of United Technologies Corp. (South Windsor, CT), announced that it will participate in the US Hydrogen Research Initiative, a multi-year program aimed at laying the groundwork for a hydrogen economy.

UTC Fuel Cells is among 100 partner companies teamed with 30 lead organizations that will receive a total of $350 million to develop hydrogen and fuel cell technology needed to bring about the hydrogen economy. UTC Fuel Cells is teaming with ChevronTexaco and Hyundai on a five-year project that will include hydrogen fueling stations primarily in California. The stations will fuel a fleet of Hyundai Tucson vehicles equipped with UTC Fuel Cells' 80 kW, all-weather, proton-exchange membrane, fuel cell power plants.

Grant amounts have not yet been determined by the US Department of Energy (DOE), but companies that participate will match the DOE funding they receive. The DOE has allocated a total of $190 million for the automotive research. The $350 million represents one-third of the $1.2 billion committed to the Hydrogen Research Initiative, with a determination on commercial viability expected in 2015.