US Fuel Cell Council Forms New Industry Standards Task Force

July 09, 2009 by Jeff Shepard

The US Fuel Cell Council (USFCC) announced that a new Industry Standards task force has been formed to address, review, and evaluate existing industry protocols for overlap and discrepancies. The initial focus will be on PEM (proton exchange membrane) fuel cells, although other types will be investigated depending on participant interest.

"The task force’s mission will be to compile test protocols, identify discrepancies and to possibly propose a method to unify protocols where appropriate," said Tony Blaine, Chair of the New Group.

The task force is part of the USFCC Materials & Components Working Group. The group works to address issues in the production and supply of materials and components, and their specification and standardization, which will lead to a reliable supply of components and sub-assemblies that constitute fuel cell stacks. Anyone interested in serving on the new task force should contact the USFCC. The first meeting is scheduled for July 13th, 2009.

The USFCC is an industry association dedicated to fostering the commercialization of fuel cells in the United States. Its members are said to include the world’s leading fuel cell developers, manufacturers, suppliers and customers.