UQM Granted Patent on Rotor Sensing Technology

February 26, 2003 by Jeff Shepard

UQM Technologies Inc. (Frederick, CO) announced that it has been granted a US patent entitled, "Accurate Rotor Position Sensor and Method Using Magnet Ring and Linear Output Hall Effect Sensors." The patented technology enables accurate position sensing of rotating shafts using a low-cost design, which has potentially broad application in a wide range of products where resolvers are now used. The company originally developed and incorporated the technology in its proprietary gearless, brushless, direct-drive, wheelchair motors.

UQM Technologies President and Chief Executive Officer William Rankin said, "We believe that this position-sensing technology has broad application in a wide variety of markets where the accurate sensing of a rotating shaft is critical to the performance of machines. The simple design and manufacture of this technology is expected to offer a substantial price advantage in those markets where resolvers are in use, and we intend to aggressively pursue commercialization of this patented technology, directly with end users and through potential licensing arrangements."