UltraGuard Confirms Fuel Cell Progress with MagPower

March 14, 2005 by Jeff Shepard

Innovative Fuel Cell Technology Inc. (IFCT), the wholly owned subsidiary of UltraGuard Water Systems Corp. (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada), reported the marketing progress of its magnesium-powered fuel cell. The license granted from MagPower Systems Inc. (Canada) provides the worldwide rights to manufacture and sell the magnesium-powered fuel cell for use with UltraGuard's ultraviolet disinfection filtration systems (UltraCell).

The targeted market for the UltraCell will be third-world countries where conventional power is unavailable; disaster areas; and as a standby unit in developed countries for earthquake, tornado, flood and other disaster preparedness.

MagPower has made significant strides in its development efforts. After three years from its original vision, the fuel cell has been transformed from a 60 W prototype into a 250 W fuel cell generator. A significant advantage of the MagPower fuel cell over other alternative fuel cells is its hydrogen inhibitors, which controls the formation of hydrogen that occurs in electrochemical reactions. When added to the salient solution and in combination with the magnesium used for electric production, the production of hydrogen is inhibited.