Trimol Group and SAGEM SA Agree to Cooperate on Aluminum-Air Fuel Cells

April 30, 2001 by Jeff Shepard

Trimol Group Inc. (New York, NY) announced that it has completed a cooperation agreement with SAGEM SA (France) to jointly develop an aluminum-air fuel cell application for SAGEM portable electronics, focusing on commercial as well as military applications. The companies anticipate commercializing aluminum-air fuel cell technology for use in portable consumer electronics to provide significantly longer power than batteries currently available.

Trimol Group recently acquired rights to the aluminum-air fuel cell technology for use in portable consumer electronic equipment from Aluminum-Power Inc. (Canada). Aluminum-Power has agreed to carry out the product development work on this

project for the company. Under the agreement, Trimol, assisted by Aluminum-Power, and SAGEM have agreed to develop the fuel cell to be incorporated into a battery pack, which would constitute a power source for SAGEM's portable electronics. SAGEM has informed Trimol that it anticipates the potential of having the new aluminum-air battery in its next generation of portable electronics, currently under development. The agreement is non-exclusive and allows either party to work with others in the area of fuel cell or battery technology.

Rafael Ferry, vice president of marketing at Trimol, made the announcement noting, “We are pleased to have this opportunity to work with SAGEM. This agreement is a major step toward enabling Trimol Group to bring the benefits of our revolutionary battery technology to the worldwide consumer market."