Tower Semi Announces Co-Development Of 700V Power Platform

September 15, 2009 by Jeff Shepard

Tower Semiconductor, Ltd. announced co-development of a 700V power platform to address next-generation industrial LED lighting requirements. The collaboration will combine GrandTek’s 700V technology capability with Tower’s advanced power management process and leading design kits to deliver the industry’s most complete 700V foundry solution.

According to the company, an ultra low mask layer count will be achieved to provide the most cost-effective solution in a voltage regime with very few foundry providers. As an indication of strong market demand for 700V, SemiHow, a Korean-based fabless company has already signed on as an early adopter to use Tower’s 700V power platform for ac-dc conversion targeting the industrial LED market. Tower expects to realize product revenue from SemiHow in the second quarter of 2010.

The first step in the 700V platform will be a power process consisting of 20+ transistor types covering from 6.5 to 700V operating ranges. This base technology will be achieved with very low layers. Further development will include 5V CMOS, 1.8 CMOS, SOI, and Deep Trench.

"We searched for the right partner to co-develop this advanced 700V power platform. Tower was the clear winner as they are recognized as the leading provider of power process technology for LED lighting devices. We needed a strong technical foundry partner and we are confident Tower will enable us to meet our requirements for performance, die size and superior quality. With Tower, we have the best opportunity to achieve rapid design success," said Hojin Lee, President of GrandTek.

"SemiHow has a long history of successful design collaborations with GrandTek and we have the greatest confidence in the selection of Tower as our development/manufacturing partner. Tower and GrandTek’s proven track records offer us a very bright future for the continued success of our products," said Hyun Bongho, Chief Executive Officer of SemiHow.

"The 700V market is highly attractive and fast growing and we are excited to add ultra high voltage to our industry accepted leading edge power offering. By working with an experienced ultra high voltage team such as GrandTek, we are able to achieve the desired small die size in an advanced and cost-effective power platform. LED lighting is a green energy initiative that will not only provide value to customers and shareholders but also to our planet," said Dr. Avi Strum, Vice President and General Manager of Tower Semiconductor’s Specialty Business Unit.