Torex Introducing Automotive Power Converters at electronica

October 30, 2016 by Power Pulse1595211359

During electronica, Torex will be introducing a new range of high temperature products, qualified to AECQ100 for the automotive market. The new XD-Q range includes; High performance dc-dc converters, low power consumption voltage regulators, voltage supervisors and load switches for automotive applications. Torex is already a significant supplier to automotive customers in Japan, but this will be the company's first time entering the European automotive market.

Tores will be announcing the world’s smallest 1.5A Micro dc-dc converter with integrated coil and AECQ100 for automotive applications. Measuring only 2.5 x 3.6 x h1.5mm it is small enough to replace in‐efficient linear regulators with the same PCB area. The innovative construction also guarantees excellent thermal characteristics and extremely low levels of radiated noise (EMI).

In the booth Torex will also be introducing its latest range of analog ICs for low power applications including: A low power step‐down dc-dc that sets new standards by consuming only 0.5μA in operation and delivering extremely low outputs voltages. The XC9272 is designed for long life, battery driven applications such as wearable devices.

And a new tiny, ultra‐low profile WLP‐4‐01 package (0.7 x 0.7 x h0.2mm MAX) is one of the thinnest on the market, making it well-suited for smart card and wearable applications.