Thermacore Designs Heat Exchanger for Harris

July 17, 2002 by Jeff Shepard

Thermacore International Inc. (Lancaster, PA), a subsidiary of Modine Manufacturing Co. (Racine, WI), has won a significant contract with communications equipment company Harris Corp. (Melbourne, FL) to supply high-performance heat exchangers for use on its lightweight, multi-band, satellite terminal (LMST).

The transit case configuration of the LMST requires a compact and lightweight cooling solution capable of transferring a heat load of 420W with only a 10 degrees C change in temperature. Thermacore designed a new airflow concept for heat exchangers that provides the necessary high-efficiency heat transfer in this space and weight-constrained application. The new heat exchanger has airflow channels that prevent hot air from coming in contact with cold air, enabling these air-to-air heat exchangers to handle high heat loads while taking up minimal volume.