TECSTAR Inc. Completes Qualification on TEC2 Cascade Solar Cell

July 17, 2000 by Jeff Shepard

TECSTAR Inc.'s Applied Solar Division (City of Industry, CA) has completed qualification on its radiation hard TEC2 Cascade solar cell. The TEC2 structure is an evolution of TECSTAR's TEC1 Cascade solar cell, with production deliveries exceeding 300,000. .The production TEC2 solar cell provides a minimum average 24.5-percent BOL efficiency with a P/Po of 0.87 for 15-year GEO applications. The solar-cell/diode design, which is patent-pending, will enable ease of manufacturing for solar-panel integrators and further improves power per unit area for solar-array integrators. The new solar-cell design is in production to meet several significant contractual delivery requirements in the upcoming months. TECSTAR will introduce the TEC2 solar cell in late summer 2000.