Swichtec To Enter North American Market With Intergy Line of DC Power Systems

February 18, 1999 by Jeff Shepard

Swichtec Power Systems Ltd. (New Zealand) announced that it will begin manufacturing and distributing its Intergy line of dc power systems in North America during the first quarter of 1999. Swichtec has partnered with Exide Electronics Group Inc. (Raleigh, NC) to accelerate the North American launch of the Intergy product line. Swichtec and Exide Electronics are part of the newly formed BTR-Siebe Power Systems Group.The Intergy line of products will be assembled in Exide Electronics' Raleigh manufacturing facilities. Swichtec's range of modular dc power protection solutions is based on its constant-power, switch-mode rectifier technology. Systems can be configured from 500W to 700kW and are suitable for applications ranging from small, mobile transmitter sites to large telephone switching centers, according to the company. The patented constant-power technology is claimed to deliver higher current levels while charging batteries and reduce overall cost by delivering the same power with fewer rectifier modules when compared to conventional, current-limited rectifier designs. The Intergy system connects to three-phase, 480V utility power, in contrast to conventional systems that require more costly 120V or 208V inputs or an intervening, step-down transformer."Exide Electronics' manufacturing facilities and more than 200 field service engineers will allow us to enter the market quickly and provide highly trained and responsive customer support immediately," stated Richard Jenman, general manager for Swichtec's operations in North America.Exide Electronics also announced the promotion of President Tom Gutierrez to Division Chief Executive of BTR Siebe's Power Systems Division. The division includes Exide Electronics, Hawker Batteries, Lambda Electronics, Nemic Lambda, Proner Comatel and Teccor. "These are exciting times for Exide Electronics," stated Gutierrez. "We had already begun to implement strategic initiatives to provide the best possible service and solutions to our customers worldwide. The merger of BTR and Siebe will enable us to continue to track forward while building even greater synergies between Exide Electronics and other companies in the Power Systems Division."