Summit Microelectronics' SMB120 PPM IC Is EE Times Finalist

February 16, 2005 by Jeff Shepard

Summit Microelectronics Inc. (San Jose, CA) announced that its SMB120 nine-channel Programmable Power Manager (PPM) IC has been named as a finalist in the EE Times Ultimate Products Award competition. EE Times will announce the winners in its February 28 issue.

"The SMB120 brings a new level of flexibility to analog power system design that was previously only available with configurable digital logic devices," stated Summit Microelectronics acting CEO Bill Thomas. "System designers now have an easy-to-use solution that addresses the rapidly changing and increasingly complex power supply requirements of modern consumer electronics."

The SMB120 is the initial offering in the industry's first family of PPMs that integrate power delivery with power control in a single IC. Optimized for battery-powered consumer electronics, the device forms the core of a nine-channel power supply integrating accurate voltage regulation (±0.5%) with advanced functions such as input/output monitoring, output sequencing/margining, channel phase control, and system fault reporting.