Solid-State Digital Control of Electricity Enabled by Amber Solutions

April 07, 2020 by Paul Shepard

Amber Solutions, creator of modern, hyper-intelligent electrical architecture, today announced that solid-state digital control of electricity is now possible in every device, appliance, power cord and endpoint with the availability of its patented Amber AC/DC Enabler™ (pictured above) and Amber AC Switch™.

The UL-certified AC/DC Enabler is a globally compatible 30mm x 15mm x 8mm solid-state digital power management and control system, which, combined with the patented Amber AC Switch, represents the first major advance in electricity control and delivery in more than 70 years. The company claims this will jump-start the second electrical revolution that will deliver greater safety, reliability and connected intelligence in all new and existing electrical infrastructure.

"Amber performs nothing short of magic with electricity and Thomas Edison would be proud of what we have achieved," Amber Solutions Founder, President and CEO Thar Casey said today. "Solid-state control of electricity changes the rules of the game for everything - security and control systems, circuit breakers, lighting fixtures, appliances, and dimmer switches. Through commercial implementations of our technologies within the existing electrical infrastructure of any building, any home or business can add IoT functionality overnight by replacing existing outlets, switches, and more with Amber-enabled products. Manufacturers can now engineer and market powered products with far greater capabilities right out of the box."

According to Casey, the company has received five patents to date and has more than 31 patents pending.

These technologies represent a breakthrough in software management of electricity through solid-state architecture, and Amber has integrated them into fully demonstrable products, such as a smart programmable retrofit circuit breaker. The company has demonstrable smart dimmer switches and smart outlets, with more than 10 features within a single, standard gang box footprint. Amber's technologies are now available for integration into an expansive range of these and other electrical products and appliances.

Amber's innovation is an advanced Digital Power Management and Control system (DPMC™) - a tiny solid-state device that efficiently runs power to highly sophisticated micro-controllers, processors and RF devices directly from the AC main. It eliminates the need for bulky electromechanical components such as capacitors and magnetics that limit the reliability and functionality of devices today, effectively reducing the component count by a factor of 2.5.

Amber fully replaces these old and outdated technologies, which today cause industry issues ranging from region-specific SKUs to flickering in LED bulbs to just not having the physical space to integrate modern intelligence and advanced features. Eventually, Amber will put all of these components on a single silicon chip.

The company has agreements with five global electronics manufacturers to explore new product solutions.

In recent years, a few manufacturers have explored solid-state electrification, but almost exclusively for circuit breakers. Amber Solutions' patents, technologies and demonstrable products represent the first solid-state power management and control solution that can integrate into all parts of a building's electrical infrastructure, appliances and other powered devices. This enables creation of a unique smart ecosystem directly embedded in the electrical grid of buildings using existing form factors.

"As the world increasingly demands improved safety, quality and reliability in all powered devices, Amber is ready to deliver these benefits and more, including robust IoT integration to better manage and communicate with appliances and building systems," Casey promised, "that requires no new installation infrastructure."