Small Car Bomb Explodes Near AEP Substation

March 18, 2004 by Jeff Shepard

A small, low-tech bomb damaged an old Volkswagen junk car that was awaiting disposal, parked outside an auto-repair shop, near an American Electric Power Co. (AEP, Columbus, OH) substation that serves Henry County, VA. State police detonated a second bomb that was found on the car's roof.

The explosion happened shortly before 5 pm on March 18, 2004. The resulting fire was very small, only charring the car. The remains of the second device found on the car roof, which was the size of a baseball, has been sent to a state forensics lab. Two men were seen fleeing in a green truck.

Henry County Sheriff H.F. Cassell stated, said. "This was a very low-tech operation. It was crudely built, not particularly anything sinister about it. The bomb makers likely didn't mean to harm anyone, as there was no evidence of shrapnel. I don't think that this is anything related to terrorism."