Shell Solar and SunWize Complete Solar Power System

March 20, 2003 by Jeff Shepard

SunWize Technologies Inc. (Kingston, NY) and Shell Solar announced the completion of a 1.76kW solar power system for the US Fish and Wildlife Service at the Hopper Mountain National Wildlife Refuge in Southern California. The system uses Shell Solar 110W solar modules to operate a variety of loads for the research station located at the preserve.

The research station, a converted ranch house, provides a base of operation for the personnel who monitor and care for the condors. SunWize designed and manufactured a prepackaged system to operate the household loads. The PV array of Shell Solar modules and balance of system components are mounted on two steel skid-based structures. A system monitor allows researchers to check the battery charge and acts as a reminder to turn off any unneeded loads. An 8.5kW propane generator provides backup power in the event of extended cloudy weather.