ABB to Supply Shell with its Full Complement of Charging Solutions

May 12, 2022 by Antonio Anzaldua Jr.

ABB will equip Shell with its AC and DC solutions, which range from wallboxes to fast-charging stations and even electric bus charging systems, to help the oil/gas giant drive its emissions reductions.

Looking to further build their already robust partnership, ABB and Shell on April 28 entered into a new global framework agreement (GFA), whereby the former will supply the latter with its full portfolio of charging solutions. Amongst that portfolio, ABB will implement their latest Terra 360 charging stations, which the company says can charge a single electric vehicle (EV) in 15 minutes.


ABB has previously deployed its 50 kW fast chargers at Shell stations in Indonesia. Image used courtesy of ABB


Per ABB’s release, the companies’ impetus for collaboration here is to address both the low availability of charging infrastructure and the sluggish speed at which most stations charge vehicles. 

“We are excited to support Shell in realizing its objective to create a global charging network,” said Frank Muehlon, CEO of ABB E-mobility. “With access to the full breadth of our charging portfolio, we are ensuring that Shell can select the most appropriate solution for every use case, helping to get more people charging regardless of their location.”

Shell is aiming to deploy over 500,000 active charge points globally before 2025, and nearly 2.5 million by 2030. For its part, ABB will provide the energy giant with AC and DC charging solutions consisting of AC wallboxes, retail installations, parking, and fleet applications. 


ABB’s Charging Portfolio

One catalyst in particular of the companies’ GFA was ABB’s latest charger, the Terra 360, which is capable of delivering 310 miles of charge in only 15 minutes. 

Drivers can expect a full 360 kW of output power for each station, hence the name. The solution also provides four charging ports, each capable of delivering 90 kW simultaneously. For drivers in a hurry, the Terra 360 can even provide 62 miles of juice with just a three-minute charge. 

Another option ABB could offer to smaller Shell-operated locations is the the Terra DC wallbox, which can still provide 24 kW of power. ABB can also supply charging options for larger commercial EVs that deliver up to 160 kW of sequential charging, preferable for vehicle fleets. 


With its extensive array of solutions, ABB has sold more than 680,000 EV chargers across global markets. Image used courtesy of ABB


In addition, ABB offers a 24/7 connected network to help drivers with user-friendly controls and easily accessible diagnostics for remote maintenance. Open charge point protocol (OCPP) is featured across each ABB charging station, which keeps all stations interconnected and monitored. 


Shell's Decarbonization Goals 

Shell reiterated its sustainability goals in 2021 with the publication of its Energy Transition Strategy for investors and shareholders. In its report, the company noted its drive to reduce CO2 emissions, push zero-carbon products, and partner with others in the EV market. Through collaborations like this GFA with ABB, among other initiatives, Shell is targeting net-zero emissions by 2050.


Shell, one of world's chief producers of oil and gas, is targeting net-zero emissions company-wide by 2050. Image used courtesy of Shell


To hit that target, the company knows that steering the automotive market away from gas and diesel-powered vehicles and toward EVs requires that fueling them be as quick and convenient as a trip to a gas station. With a sophisticated, global web of charging stations and individual charging points, consumer buying habits may begin to shift more rapidly.

And with Shell investing in this new GFA with ABB, the company will have an array of universal charging solutions, for a wide variety of EVs, at its disposal. 


Feature image used courtesy of ABB