Sensors Expo 2001 to be Held in Chicago in June 2001

January 11, 1999 by Jeff Shepard

The Sensors Expo 2001 (Chicago, IL) will be held from June 5 through 7, 2001, at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Chicago. The conference will feature intensive courses and plenary and paper sessions, as well as opportunities for interaction with instructors, industry experts and peers.

The conference covers technology basics and cutting-edge developments, with a slant toward practical application. It is developed along four tracks to help attendees choose sessions best suited for them. These tracks include manufacturing automation, process automation, electrical and electronics, control applications and new technologies and applications. Special events include a free workshop on wireless sensing, a NASA technology exhibit, a poster session, several awards and a keynote address by Dr. Harley Thronson of NASA.

The Sensors Expo will include a motion-control pavilion, which is intended to allow attendees to get a close-up look at developments in electronic, optical, hydraulic, mechanical and electro-mechanical motion control systems and components such as actuators, bearings, connectors and couplings, controllers and drivers, and encoders. Other topics at the motio-control pavilion will include fluid power products, gear boxes and reducers, linear motors, ac/dc motors, servo and synchro motors, and networking products, as well as semiconductors, slides, software, step motors and transducers.

Over 215 exhibitors will be present at the Sensors Expo. Registration is free and can be done online before May 8, 2001.