S&C Electric Installs AVC Compensator for Recycler

September 23, 2003 by Jeff Shepard

The Power Quality Products Division (Franklin, WI) of S&C Electric Co. (Chicago, IL) announced that a metal recycler in Phoenix, AZ, is installing an S&C Electric PureWave AVC™ Adaptive VAR Compensator to eliminate voltage flicker resulting from the large current surges caused by a car shredding operation. The recycler plans to add a new 6,000HP shredder to its operation, and has been working with the local utility to solve the voltage flicker problem and reduce the possibility of power-factor penalties. The utility approved S&C's AVC to provide the necessary reactive power compensation.

The 8,000kVAR, 4.16kV PureWave AVC is scheduled to be installed in October 2003. It will reduce the voltage fluctuations and manage the reactive power flow, and improve power quality for other customers on the utility feeder. It will also increase the capability of the metal recycler, enabling them to shred more cars per hour, around the clock.

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