Rogers Initiates Development Work on Fuel Cells

June 04, 2003 by Jeff Shepard

Rogers Corp. (Rogers, CT) announced that it is working to develop and sell fuel cell stacks in systems requiring 20W to 5kW of power. Rogers has worked with a number of companies over the past few years on specialty materials for use in fuel cells and recently signed an agreement to license additional technology related to its own development activities.

The technologies involved include proton-exchange membrane materials, bipolar plates and stack control systems. With the benefits of both noise and exhaust elimination, these fuel cell stacks are intended for use in portable generators, and as replacements for battery packs, where the fuel cell's potential for reduced weight and longer power life will be significant advantages.

Walter Boomer, chairman of the board and CEO of Rogers Corp., remarked, "We are excited about our new role in developing stacks for the fuel cell industry. This is an emerging industry that will be enabled by creative use of specialty materials. This opportunity is consistent with our strategy to leverage Rogers' specialty materials competence into growth markets."