PowerPulse Redefines Efficiency

January 13, 2015 by Jeff Shepard

Darnell's PowerPulse has redefined efficient communication and information for both our readers and for our advertisers. Power Pulse provides the broadest and deepest news and technology coverage of the global power electronics industry. PowerPulse provides practical insights, actionable technical information and projections of future trends. And that important information is provided Daily. PowerPulse readers work every day and need fresh insights every day. Why should they wait weeks between updates? PowerPulse is delivered Daily.

For Readers, PowerPulse delivers 20X the number of stories and 20X the number of issues compared with monthly power electronics publications. In 2014, PowerPulse published 2,302 stories in 247 daily issues (an average of over 9 stories every business day). That consistent flow and comprehensive coverage is what drives our industry-leading readership of over 55,000 Daily email Subscribers. If you are not already a subscriber, you can get your own Free Subscription.

PowerPulse’s comprehensive coverage includes Features as well as News. Interested in the latest new semiconductor materials? PowerPulse has the Material Developments section focused on the latest developments in GaN SiC, GaAs and other emerging semiconductor materials. Interested in the latest power electronics research developments? PowerPulse brings you insightful and detailed stories about the lasted activities at research labs around the world in the Friday Features section.

Is conference coverage important to you? PowerPulse offers the most-comprehensive coverage of Global Power Electronics events. We just completed our coverage of the Consumer Electronics Show. And every year, we provide in-depth coverage of focused shows such as PCIM Europe, Techno Frontier in Tokyo, and other important events such as Electronica.

If you are interested in looking toward the future of power electronics, the New Year’s Power Celebration section brings you a series of articles predicting the important developments to expect in the New Year. And our PowerViews executive opinion pieces bring you a combination of practical applications-oriented insights along with projections into future developments.

Are you interested in power electronics history? You’ll enjoy the PowerPulse Product Perspective located in the middle column of the home page. It brings you exclusive coverage of the most-read new product stories from 5, 10 and 15 years ago. Only PowerPulse has the database needed to provide such historic perspective. And for more recent history, only PowerPulse brings you the Top 50 New Product introductions and Industry News developments from the past year in our exclusive New Year’s Power Celebration. And the PowerPulse Holiday Gift Ideas section even helps readers to find gifts with unique power electronics content.

For Advertisers that unparalleled coverage of the global power electronics industry drives strong readership. PowerPulse’s 55,000 Daily Subscribers result in the delivery of over One Million emails monthly to subscribers. Subscribers to PowerPulseDaily email news updates have grown from about 34,000 18 months ago to over 55,000 daily today (an increase of 60%!).

And the web site delivers Millions of Monthly Page Views. That means we can deliver your message for less than $0.006/individual transmission when you sign up for a 12-month program. How long would it take your current advertising program to deliver One Million Impressions? You can achieve over One Million Impressions in Less than 10 Months on

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