PolyStor Ships Production Quantities of Lithium-Ion Prismatic Cells

July 01, 1999 by Jeff Shepard

PolyStor Corp. (Dublin, CA) announced it is now shipping production quantities of the first fully qualified lithium-ion prismatic cells based on lithium nickel-cobalt oxide. PolyStor says they are ramping up their fully automated lithium-ion assembly plant to reach full capacity by the fourth quarter of 1999. The plant has a capacity of 24 million cells per year.PolyStor claims to be the first manufacturer to bring to market a lithium-ion battery featuring a lithium nickel-cobalt oxide cathode material. Their formula is claimed to enable their prismatic battery to provide 15-30 percent longer runtimes than competing batteries. PolyStor's 340948 prismatic cell measures 34mm x 8.5mm x 48mm with what PolyStor claims is a record-setting 1200mAh capacity, translating into extended talk time in mobile phones and longer runtime in portable data devices.