PI Expert Suite 9.0 Power-Supply Design Software Now Supports LED Lighting

May 05, 2013 by Jeff Shepard

PI Expert Suite 9.0 from Power Integrations, Inc. now includes support for LinkSwitchâ„¢-PL and LinkSwitch-PH LED-driver ICs and the recently introduced TinySwitchâ„¢-4 off-line switcher IC family. Version 9.0 includes an enhanced schematics-manipulation tool and enables designers to upload the resulting BOM from the auto-generated schematic layout to selected, leading design-fulfillment distributors.

PI Expert Suite 9.0 improves the productivity of power supply design teams by greatly reducing the time to first prototype and by reducing the number of prototype iterations required to reach a finished product. PI Expert Suite 9.0 generates a complete schematic of the power supply and offers power transformer optimization techniques, even specifying the transformer design and offering links to wound component manufacturers.

Other features include: Support for solid-state-lighting products, enabling LED designs to be optimized for CC, dimming and harmonic emissions. A heatsink calculation tool to estimate the thermal design requirements for a new power supply which can be used to guide layout and mechanical prototyping decisions, helping to avoid iterations and wasted time. Enhanced PCB layout recommendations based on the IC device and package chosen to minimize trace-induced EMI and board area, and also maximize electrical noise immunity and surge tolerance.

PI Expert Suite 9.0 is now available to be downloaded. Transformer prototypes resulting from the use of this software may be ordered through Power Integrations' Rapid Transformer Sample Service (RTSS). A quick-start guide describing how to create a compatible design file is also offered.