PCIM Europe 2022 Starts Next Week. Here’s What to Look For.

May 02, 2022 by Gary Elinoff

Touting itself as the world's premier forum for power electronics, intelligent motion, renewable energy, and energy management, the conference will run May 10 through May 12 under a hybrid in-person/remote format.

For the first time in three years, PCIM Europe is kicking off next Tuesday in person at the Nuremberg Exhibition Centre in Nuremberg, Germany, where a plethora of industry players will come together to highlight the latest trends in the world of power electronics.


PCIM Europe will be held in person for the first time since 2019. Image used courtesy of Mesago Messe Frankfurt GmbH


Set to conclude Thursday, the conference is also hosting a digital event platform for those around the world unable to make the trip but who still wish to join virtually. Attendees will enjoy keynote speakers from both corporate and research, who will discuss the future of the power supply and the potential of hydrogen in the transition to net-zero CO2 emissions, among other topics.

Of course, the conference will also sport a robust lineup of companies exhibiting their latest products and services. Though it’s impossible to cover each in detail, we’ve listed a few to look out for below.



onsemi will showcase a trio of devices aimed at OEMs looking to develop USB-C PD (power delivery) charging solutions for 100 W and higher. These include: 

  • The NCP1623, a critical conduction mode (CRM) power factor correction controller designed to drive pfc boost stages 
  • The NCP1345, a quasi-resonant flyback controller
  • The NCP4307, a secondary side synchronous rectification driver 

The company will also unveil the NTBL045N065SC, a TOLL-packaged 650 V 33 mΩ SiC MOSFET, featuring a Kelvin source configuration to ameliorate switching loss issues.

In addition, onsemi is augmenting its successful FS7 IGBT portfolio with new offerings. Included is a fresh 1200 V device sporting a 20% improvement in forward bias voltage.



Vishay will highlight an array of passives aimed at automotive and industrial applications. Also on display will be the company’s TrenchFET and E Series superjunction MOSFETs targeting high-end power supply applications, including its Gen IV automotive-grade TrenchFET devices, available in gullwing leaded packages, and its first automotive-grade E Series.


Vishay will be showcasing its E Series superjunction MOSFETs; Here, the SiHK045N60E. Image used courtesy of Vishay 


The company will also exhibit its AEC-Q100 qualified TMBS Gen 3 rectifiers qualified to 60 V, 100 V, and 150 V. Additionally, convention goers will have a chance to evaluate Vishay’s 650 V silicon carbide (SiC) Schottky diodes, which feature a merged PiN Schottky (MPS) design for industrial and telecom applications.



Nexperia’s convention highlights include: 

  • Wide-bandgap technologies, including CCPAK, the company’s surface-mount copper-clip package for power GaN FETs, together with evaluation boards for 650 V SiC rectifiers
  • For power management and motor control, the company will highlight its LFPAK-packaged MOSFETs, an improvement over classical D2PAK. Designers will see improvement in resistance, switching capability and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).
  • Design aids, including electrothermal models for MOSFETs to smooth the path to early stage design validation. Additional evaluation boards, in tandem with application notes for power products, will also be featured.



Semikron will showcase the two versions of its SEMITRANS 20 power module: the SEMITRANS 20 Traction, for rolling stock, and the SEMITRANS 20 Industrial, which is aimed at optimized wind, solar and drive applications. 

Both the Industrial and Traction sport 1700 V/1200 A and 1700 V/1000 A versions, with the Industrial offering an additional 1200V / 1400A choice.


The SEMITRANS 20. Image used courtesy of Semikron

The half-bridge units feature multiple IGBT sources and are specified with a particularly low 10 nH stray inductance. As illustrated, there is an integrated NTC temperature sensor and three AC connectors for low operating temperatures.

The SEMITRANS 20 Traction also offers AlCu wire bonding, Si3N4 ceramics and an AlSiC baseplate. 



EPC (Efficient Power Conversion) has introduced a slew of notable products in recent months, many of which incorporate gallium nitride (GaN). In light of that, the company is offering multiple technical presentations and product demonstrations showcasing GaN at PCIM, including: 

  • A demonstration of how GaN semiconductors enable 2 kW bidirectional converters that increase efficiency, shrink footprint, and reduce system cost for both hybrid and all-electric vehicles (EVs)
  • Its latest eGaN FETs and ICs, which are designed to provide the exceedingly short pulse widths necessary for higher resolution lidar systems, the beating hearts of autonomous vehicles
  • A number of its GaN-based motors, capable of driving everything from ebikes to EVs


Feature image used courtesy of NürnbergMesse