ON Semiconductor Opens Development Center in the Slovak Republic

November 14, 2006 by Jeff Shepard

ON Semiconductor officially opened the doors of its newly established product development center in Bratislava, Slovakia. The new development center – located in downtown Bratislava – will focus primarily on designing integrated circuit (IC) products for power management and automotive application solutions. Currently, the center has a staff of 15 engineers, with plans to expand staffing to 30 in the near future. Among the products to be developed at the Bratislava Development Center are linear voltage regulator and dc-dc switching regulator products that deliver world-class power conversion efficiency.

ON Semiconductor has a longstanding business history in Central Europe. The company owns and operates a wafer fabrication facility, and a customer service and logistics center in Piestany, Slovakia. It also operates another silicon production facility, a wafer fabrication plant, and a product development center in Roznov pod Radhostem, Czech Republic. For the past six years, the ON Semiconductor Microelectronics Center at the Slovak University of Technology (ONMiST) in Bratislava has successfully worked with professors and students on longer-term projects in the fields of design, characterization and technology modeling. More than two dozen students have participated in the program. Most of these students have graduated from the university and are now employed by ON Semiconductor.

ONMiST will physically be moved into the new Bratislava Development Center. The premises at the University – formerly occupied by ONMiST – will be utilized in the future for extended research and development in the field of information technology.