Neah Power Unveils Silicon-Based Fuel Cell Design

February 09, 2003 by Jeff Shepard

Neah Power Systems Inc. (Bothell, WA), an emerging leader in direct-methanol micro fuel cell technology, unveiled its product design roadmap. Neah Power is developing a small, compact fuel cell to power mobile electronics products, such as notebook PCs and advanced communications gear. The technical foundation of Neah Power's compact fuel cell is centered upon a patent-pending, silicon-based, design architecture that is expected to enable high levels of efficiency and high power densities in small physical form-factors.

Neah Power aims to achieve breakthrough performance by enabling all-day notebook computing on a single "charge," a two- to three-times improvement in energy storage capacity versus today's rechargeable batteries. A porous silicon substrate allows for high levels of electro-chemical activity and electricity generation, which is expected to result in higher levels of efficiency and much higher power densities when compared with traditional PEM-based designs.