Microsemi Ultrafast High Voltage Rectifiers Granted DSCC Qualification in Compact Glass Package

January 07, 2010 by Jeff Shepard

Microsemi Corp. announced that DSCC qualification has been granted for its 200 volt, 400 volt and 600 volt family of MIL-PRF-19500/590 ultrafast rectifiers in a compact thermally matched glass package.

Microsemi’s MIL-PRF-19500/590 rectifiers maintain ultrafast switching characteristics even at extremely high temperatures. This stability is important for more efficient high frequency switching regulated power supplies and other applications requiring ultrafast switching speeds. Previously, the only DSCC-qualified ultrafast devices in this particular compact size package and current ratings were limited to 150V (1N5807 through 1N5811 qualification). While Microsemi’s 1N6626 through 1N6628 qualification enable applications up to 600V, the company is continuing work to qualify the /590 family up to 1000 volts (1N6629 through 1N6631).

"There is a lot of pent up demand for this part," said Barbara Maddalena, Vice President of Sales, Military/Hi-Rel and Aerospace Group. "We are pleased to be able to supply this part and have an aggressive program in place to qualify the higher voltages. At these higher voltages, there is no other qualified source in the marketplace today."

Specializing in high reliability discrete semiconductors for more than three decades, Microsemi offers the industry’s largest portfolio of DSCC qualified discrete power devices. It continues to commit resources for the research, design and production of high reliability devices for the military and commercial air, satellite, defense and medical-end markets.

The new DSCC qualifications for Microsemi Part Numbers 1N6626 through 1N6628 qualifications include JAN, JANTX and JANTXV quality levels. Both axial and surface mount MELF packages are available for 2.3A applications of 200, 400 and 600V.

Key features include: package is a voidless, hermetically sealed, and thermally matched design capable of withstanding virtually any environmental stress; very low capacitance with minimal switching loss at high temperature; junction temperature rating: -65 to +150°C and Storage temperature rating: -65 to +175°C; and 75A peak surge rating.